why we exist
To help you be intentional and human-centred in the way you do business.
who we are

Brandkern is a part of Evomation, specialising in branding and Webflow web design + development for small, purpose-driven companies.

We are not a digital agency nor a branding agency. While we offer related services, our goal is not to simply build you a website or design a beautiful logo—these are the means, not the ends.

We help you tackle the usual suspects—chaotic processes, fragmentation, a lack of focus—and gain clarity about your business, goals, and target audience and communicate that clearly in a professional and engaging way. To help you be better at what you do and do it intentionally, enjoy it, and bring more value to your customers while doing it.

Because you have one finite life, and it matters how you spend it. Running a business that is running you into the ground is not a great way to do it, is it?

The Team

Brand Strategy & Design

Nate Medvedeva

M.A. in Literature in English (Dalarna University), M.A. in English and American Cultural Studies (University of Paderborn), Dipl. in Graphic Design (FIDI)
When not working or researching, Nate dabbles in cemetery photography, oil painting and enjoys long rides through beautiful Lipperland accompanied by Jim Morrison.
Owner | Business Processes

Michael Meese

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences
Outside of the world of process modelling and IT infrastructure, Michael is a proud slave to two headstrong cats, a history nerd, and a huge home automation enthusiast.