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When clarity attracts:

Helping a local DJ business clarify the brand and attract the right clients.

Spark Veranstaltungstechnik


MVP Brand Strategy | Web Design





Spark DJs + Veranstaltungstechnik is a fun-loving, household DJ business based in Bad Salzuflen. Niklas, the owner, felt that the old website did not fit the brand that Spark grew into. So, he asked us to help him with the website redesign to create a more fitting and user-friendly experience for the users.

The Challenge

Misaligned + Outdated

Spark has grown out of a passion project into a successful business, which brings joy, bright smiles and funky grooves to events and special occasions in and around Bad Salzuflen area. As a side effect, the business outgrew its old website, which looked outdated, had some technical issues and, more importantly, lacked clarity and structure.

When approaching the redesign, our main goal was to clearly communicate Spark's story and values, which connect with the right audience. Also, we needed to improve the user experience by giving the users a clear and easily accessible overview of information that they are interested in + make it is as easy as possible for the potential customers to book appointments + make it easier for the Spark team to manage incoming requests. 

The solution

Clarity + Structure First

Before we could start with the redesign, we had to get some clarity about the brand and its target audience. Together with Niklas, we set out to uncover, formalise and document the touchstones that make Spark the brand that it is and define its ideal customer. Based on our findings, we've slightly tweaked the visual identity to bring in more consistency and coherency into Spark's visual communication. 

Bright and bold colour palette (industry favourite purple with a twist), clean typography, fun illustrations, engaging language, — together, these elements help the audience remember and differentiate Spark from other similar local businesses and bring across the spirit of Spark. Not only its energy and youth, but sincere enthusiasm when it comes to helping people create happy memories of special events in their life shared with their loved ones.  

Once we knew who the ideal customer was, and we had the style guide to work with, we began working on the website. First, we reviewed and re-structured existing data from the old website, and identified what vital information has been missing (transparent pricing, FAQ, structured services). Next, together with Niklas, we worked on the texts, which this time focused on the customers and addressed their needs and pain-points. Then, we started design and development stage to implement all the background work that had been done so far — from strategy and structure to design and texts.

In addition, we've implemented a Calendly integration, for the potential customers to easily book an appointment in a few clicks, and for Spark's team to streamline their internal scheduling process and avoid conflicts and double bookings.

The Outcome

If It Fits, The Client Commits

As the result, Spark got favourable feedback from their customers about the new website. In particular, the users found helpful transparent pricing and detailed information about the DJ packages on offer and the FAQ section. Thus, most of the questions that potential customers used to ask during the first call, have already been answered, and in this first call both the Spark team and the lead can focus on what's important.

The look, feel and the usability of the website not only represent Spark as a professional, trustworthy business but, together with the content,  help potential customers to qualify themselves and decide if they and Spark are the right fit from the get go.

Although initially we had some reservations about whether the users will take to Calendly because of the regional peculiarities when it comes to all things digital, we were glad to find out that the users did adopt the new consultation booking method, and found it easy and convenient.  

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